a few months later...

After user testing, focus groups, investor chats, and an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, Strøme began to partner with local businesses, Universities, and larger national businesses to help complete the design and manufacturing sourcing of the shaker.


In 2020, the shaker saw it's first ever 3D printed form which helped test the idea of moving parts, and to better understand why so many leak. Focus group testing was done, and the design was tweak based on what gym goers and wellness strivers were asking for. The shaer also went through a series of UK and US patent applications.


Strøme partnered with The University of Strathclyde in Scotland to produce more prototypes of the shaker and to work with students on product development, marketing, and design. The shaker transformed in design and it's functionality continued to improve.


Strøme joined the Scottish Chamber of Commerce who supported with researching health and wellness frustrations around products used to help with the journey. Strøme Shaker won 3 awards including NAME, NAME, and NAME, as well as being nominated for several others. The awards noted the shakers design, innovation, and sustainability, as well as it's young founder, Jack.


In February 2019, founder Jack Barrie, 19, was working off the coast of Scotland on a large ship he was set to stay on for several weeks. Being a wellness enthusiast, he took with him a selection of protein powders and his shaker. During the trip, the sieve within his shaker broke, leaving him with lumpy shakes. He soon realised that this was not an isolated case, and that there were many issues with modern day fitness products that had not been updated in decades. Month later, Jack had created his first ever prototype of the Strøme Shaker (then VShake).


In 2023, Strøme took it's shaker and showcased to multiple investors with the aim of bringing on a wealth of experience and knowledge in the fitness work to help grow the shaker and future products. The design of the shaker is now complete, and prototypes work perfectly. The shaker is being sent out to sports, fitness, and wellness experts to get their verdict, and the shaker has now launched for pre-orders with rollout planned for early 2024.

the future

In  2024, we aim to have Strøme Shaker available to buy directly from our store here on StrømeFitness.com, as well as in several stores, gyms, and through selected partners. We also aim to finalise our investment round and partner with several sport and wellness organisations to help the shaker be found by more people who would really benefit from it. Watch this space!

Train in style